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Investor Relations

Investor relations is about developing a thriving relationship with investors. Making them your partners in order to optimize value for all stakeholders. This is our expertise, passion and mission.


We advise companies on how to develop a fruitful relationship with investors, which in turn leads to a solid and ongoing engagement and is eventually reflected in your company's market cap. We assist companies in aligning their sustainability strategies with investors' expectations and interest. Today's investors are looking for more than an attractive bottom line.  In the era of the impact revolution, and facing the challenges of diverse standards for impact measurement, it is critical to have expert advice on these matters. 

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We will create a Pitch Deck for you that will make all the difference!

Investors Presentation - Full Pitch Deck

When it comes to winning over an investor, your vision needs to shine out from your presentation. You need to convey your passion and demonstrate clearly the business model and how you will bring it to fruition. We know the ecosystem in which investors live, and we know how to speak their language. Leveraging this knowledge, we will help you create a winning presentation, with crystal clear messages, and an Equity Story that tells investors what they need to hear. Creating a compelling Equity Story is an artform. At its best, it allows you to instill confidence in investors that your company offers a strong value proposition and is ready for immense value creation.

Bridging the Israeli capital market

Known as the Start-Up Nation, Israel has more to offer to global companies than simply technology. The Israeli capital market is a thriving and highly professional market with extensive global investments.

With a deep knowledge of the local ecosystem, an extensive personal network of connections and profound experience,  we are in a unique position to provide services of investor relations to global companies in the Israeli capital market.  Our services has been proven successful and effective in bringing Israeli investors to diverse businesses.


We believe in providing our clients with the highest standard of professional service as well as a local 'Israel experience' in Tel Aviv!

"Managing exposure of your company's information while still being transparent to your shareholders – it's a fine balancing act. We know how to strike that balance and are ready to assist you with it".
Iris Lubitch, CEO


Our expertise: 

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Be Ready For Your Meetings

Be Investor Friendly

Enable investors to understand the rationale behind your company's activity and financial  results.

Be a step ahead when you
meet investors who have
shown an interest in your

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Be Investor relevant

We use Real Time Feedback to prepare you to meet your potential investors.

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