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About me

Hi, I am Iris Lubitch. Nice to e-meet you.

My career journey began as a lawyer and evolved into the realm of Investor Relations and Impact Entrepreneurship. I hold 3 academic degrees: LL.B, LL.M, and MBA.

I am a great believer in humanity's ability to transform life on this planet and turn it into a wonderful celebration. With all of the exciting innovation happening around us, we can establish companies that are successful both financially and socially, that produce a positive return on investment and have a positive impact on the world around us. 

We are living in exciting times!

Although financial growth and maintaining a sustainable business may seem to conflict, they can in fact go hand-in-hand. Sustainable investment is on the rise throughout the developed financial world as investors actively seek growth companies with sustainable businesses. 

My vision is to play a meaningful role in this positive evolution.


We believe in and promote the  transition into a green economy!

I am happy to harness my multidisciplinary knowledge and wide experience in order to serve businesses that are working to tackle the world's biggest problems.

We have the SDGs as a compass – leading us to the promised land that we all wish to live in and experience.

Why Work With Us?

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We have a real Passion for our job! We admire the process of creating value and love to assist companies to grow.

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Years of Experience

We have helped dozens of companies create countless presentations - we know the job!

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Vast Network

We are happy to share with you the personal relationships that we have cultivated with your potential investors, locally and globally.

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Long Distance Runners

After the road show we act as your local IR person, helping you to continue to build a solid relationship with local investors, and to maintain it over time.

Technology Savvy

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With a passion for innovation and technology, we have a solid understanding of the latest and most advanced technologies. This let us explain the business aspects of your technology and build you the most compelling equity story.

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Holistic Experience

We believe in providing a complete experience, presenting our clients with a professional business opportunity, as well as a profound 'Israel experience'.

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