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In recent years, I have had the privilege of lecturing at the Reichman University, School of Entrepreneurship, the International Program. This experience has given me the skill and the strong desire to share my knowledge about the impact revolution and the circular economy to the business world. 

The worldview according to which the sustainability revolution can enhance business opportunities is important news. It inspires entrepreneurs and managers to have a positive attitude towards this revolution and creates a new understanding of how to leverage it for the benefit of the company's growth. It also fits well with the latest trends in the investment world to invest in businesses that heal our planet and improves the human existence. I am happy to spread this uplifting knowledge. These lectures are suitable for companies, organizations, entrepreneurial communities and anyone who desires a deeper understanding of current trends.

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A fascinating lecture about:

The financial world is accelerating towards a green economy. Already today, about a third of the world's capital is defined as "sustainable finance" – that is, capital that is invested in companies and products that work for the benefit of the planet and humanity. Capitalism as we know it is being updated to a more sustainable version.

"Innovation, Sustainability and Business opportunities"

Along with the sustainability revolution, the circular economy is evolving and is considered the most significant revolution since the industrial revolution. It is a new worldview that seeks to produce products without producing waste, which is what takes place in nature. And of course, it is impossible to speak about this revolution without mentioning the generators of

these changes - the children and grandchildren of all of us, the "Z" generation that believes in "Planet over Profit" and determinedly lives in accordance with this statement.

The purpose of the lecture is to reveal innovative perspectives, methods and approaches and to spread before professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations the wide scale of these newly opened opportunities.

"How to talk to investors in the age of the impact revolution"

The world is in a multidimensional crisis. The natural disasters, the economic andpolitical instability in many parts of the world, the increasing human suffering andmore. All these create a powerful movement of necessary change.In this lecture we will talk about the new "investor language". We will understand wellwhat investors are looking for and how the company's story should be built in a waythat maximizes its value these days. We will understand what the basics are that arerequired in order for entrepreneurs and companies to be able to raise capital easilyand enjoy all the funding they need in order to realize their vision.

A unique and practical lecture that gives a 360 degree view of the current dialogue with investors.

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