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Impact Entrepreneurship

Let us begin with a quote:



"Envision a world that moves in only one direction: forward. A world where inequality is shrinking. Where natural resources are regenerated, and people can unlock their full potential and benefit from shared prosperity. A world focused not only on minimizing harm, but on doing measurable good."  

Sir Ronald Cohen (The “Godfather” of  Impact Investment).

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Our advising inspires businesses to maximize both profit and impact

Impact Entrepreneurship is about Hope.

It is about a new Zen of companies.

Businesses that create a double profit line: financial and a positive impact on life on the planet. The world is facing immense challenges and we must act now and initiate profit-with-purpose enterprises.


We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and companies to build effective business models that generate a meaningful impact on the world as well as financial profit, maximizing value for all of the company’s stakeholders. 

We understand very well the interconnections of all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and based on this understanding, we have developed methods that enable broad realization of the SDGs. We are also connected to the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and environmental activists who seek to build a better world, and we help our clients integrate into these communities.


We are passionate about reshaping our economic system in order to tackle humanity’s current challenges

Our Expertise

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Find Your Edge

Investors Appeal

Building a solid Impact venture with a double profit line

Crystallizing your Impact Equity story for attracting your best investors

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Meet your Investors

Connecting you to the Impact Ecosystem

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