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Workshop at IDC Herzeliya

Last week I had the pleasure to provide a workshop at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzeliya. IDC Herzliya has 8,000 students enrolled for undergraduate and graduate degrees, including 2,000 international students from 86 countries (about 36% of which are from Europe and 31% of which are from North America). The workshop focused on building great relations with potential investors, professional tips for pitching and closing deals with investors. IDC students asked brilliant questions and share their own fresh and innovative ideas. My goal during this workshop was to engage the young generations into the Investor Relations world and create awareness about different ways to grow businesses and being a sustainable business at the same time. Sustainable development is on the rise and we should all be aware of its potential. Sharing my knowledge with the young generation was a great experience as I also learned a lot from them. It was a fantastic and super fun experience to share some knowledge with talented students!

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